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Educational Robot Kit GumdoBot
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Product Overview
GumdoBot has the function that, when the area made of contact sensor board is hit using the bamboo sword connected with a servo motor, the energy is displayed on the dot matrix to help the play.

The learner may set the While Chip as condition-repeat mode to learn the method to stop the motion when the contact sensor board is pressed certain times. This robot has high difficulties in assembling and programs and is suitable to the users who finished high education courses at least.

* This product contains no ˇ°Wireless Remote Control Sending/Receiving Boardˇ± and the learner may purchase this board by necessity.
* This product contains no ˇ°USB to Serialˇ± port and the learner may purchase this port by necessity.
* Recommended O/S is Windows XP. (The program may not be available in Windows Vista.)
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Gumdo Bot