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2009 Olympiad-Carrier (Excluding Professionals) (RORS-004)
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Specific Features
This product may be purchased by the person who already purchased 2009 Black Line Pro Max 2.

The specifications of the parts, appearance, and dimensions of this product may be changed with
   no prior notice but there will be no problem in using this product.

1) Specifications

  • Robot size: 25cm x 25cm
  • Circuit board of 2009 Black Line Pro MAX
  • Number of servos: 3 (6V small servos)
  • Servo V converter: 4 (for small servo)
  • Motor: 200rpm
  • Wheel: 60mm
  • Tire: Silicon tire
  • Carriage Tool (made of foam board)
  • One limit switch to detect cylinders
  • One single-channel automatic IR sensor to detect robots

2) Specific Features

  • It is possible to send and receive a ball at the same time.
  • Light weighted cargo box made of foam board
  • Stable driving using silicon tires