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National youth science contest (Robot science)  
2008 National youth science contest
  (elementary, middle school)
  - The MEST minister prize winner
  - Gold, silver, bronze medals
2006, 2007 National youth science contest
  (elementary, middle school)
  - The MOE minister prize winner,
  - Gold, silver, bronze medals
International Robot Olympiad Exhibition  
2008 Robot Olympiad Exhibition
  - The 10 crowns and Gold, silver, bronze medals
  - The MEST minister prize winner
2007 Robot Olympiad Exhibition
  - The 7 crowns and The MIR, MIC, MOST minister prizes winner
2006 Robot Olympiad Exhibition
  - The 5 crowns and The MOST minister prize winner
2005 Robot Olympiad Exhibition
  - Win all events of the maze and the MEST minister prize
School education (Special aptitude education etc)  
1500 Primary/Middle schools that educate special skills
   (70000 members)
Executing C/A education, Lab, Regular curriculum middle school
Educating regular high school curriculum
Educating creative design engineering course in university
The curriculum of the infant education for special aptitude  
Special talents training for 6-7 years old children
  (Improvement of creativity and curiosity about robot) medals