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Now, the scientific knowledge industry has become the motive power of the national industries
and is thought to determine the national competitiveness in the 21st Century.

The RoboRobo has studies and developed the elementary robot education courses to promote
the motive and interest in scientific education and cultivate creativity for 10 years based on the
experiences in establishing creative education curses and providing education in the domestic

The robot-science education systems developed by the RoboRobo include the sensor, electronics, machinery, and computer technology education to dominate the future escaping from the simple assembling properties of other science-teaching tools and are equipped with
the systems to assign intelligence to robots using computer programs in order to provide the
students with the shortcuts to get the foundation of future technologies and to improve the creativity.

The RoboRobo intends to be a maternity room of robot science education so that the student, who will take in charge of future knowledge societies, may grow up to truly creative members
of the societies.
We intend to do every endeavor to accomplish true education at the standpoint of educators
and to cultivate all the children and youths so as to grow up to the 21st Century¡¯s scientific
talents who are equipped with the capabilities to obtain new results by developing and conti-nuously studying their own areas through creative thinking abilities, logical and scientific problem-solving abilities, and the sprit of challenge.

CEO and President of RoboRobo Co., Ltd

Yeong-Seog Choe